An email filter is a software app that prevents unwanted messages from reaching a given inbox. A large percentage of the email communication around the world involves spam emails: offers for pills or money, false bank notifications, etc. That’s why, it’s very important to enable email filters in order to avoid not only unsolicited bulk emails, but also any possibility of being conned somehow. Email filters detect various things, so as to ensure higher levels of security – particular words or the frequency with which they occur in the text, the sender’s address, or the IP address of the sender’s outgoing SMTP mail server. Hosting companies frequently make use of the services of third-party spam-tracing organizations that provide up-to-date databases to make spam filtering simpler and more effective without affecting legitimate emails, even if they comprise suspicious words.

Spam Filters in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server packages offer top-of-the-line anti-spam protection ensured by the famous SpamAssassin email filter, which classifies all inbound emails on the basis of a spam score in accordance with parameters and patterns, such as the frequency of certain keywords and phrases, the sender, the subject, and so on. When you enable the filter for any email account via the Hepsia Control Panel’s Email Manager section, you can select between 5 different levels of security – from very high to very low. If you continue to get junk email messages, you can raise the level, or if genuine messages are flagged as spam, you can decrease it. Activating or deactivating the anti-spam protection takes as little as two mouse clicks and you can choose if the filtered email messages should be erased instantaneously or if they should be redirected to a designated email address where you can review them later, so as to make sure that the email messages that you need won’t get lost.