If you want to use a script-driven app for your Internet site, the easiest way to set up one is to employ a script installer if your website hosting supplier offers such a tool. Installing a script manually does take time, you have to follow a number of steps and sometimes you may need to modify several script or account settings to be able to get everything running properly. Then again, if you work with a script installation instrument, its scripts are already set up to work on the specific Internet hosting environment and the full installation process will take a few moments and a few clicks. That way, you can create a dynamic Internet site even when you lack any previous experience and you are creating your very first site. A dynamic site, that includes a great number of features, will be more appealing to your website visitors and will give you a lot more options regarding the content and the functions you can have.

1-click Applications Installer in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you decide to get a semi-dedicated server through our company, you'll get access to our 1-click script installer, which comes with over fifty popular applications. With just a few mouse clicks you'll be able to set up any sort of website - you can create a personal blog with WordPress, you can set up an electronic learning portal with the most popular platform on the market, Moodle, and if you would like to have a web shop, you may use OpenCart or PrestaShop. These are just a few examples of the applications which we provide you with and for some of them we shall also give you tens of different web templates. Installing any script takes just a couple of basic steps in your hosting CP - choose the script, select the domain, enter the username and password for the back office, and then click the Install button. The procedure is as easy as it could ever be and you'll not be required to perform anything else manually.